Award winning interactive platform

Highly interactive, multi-lingual, multi-platform, for schools and home learning. Our robust platform can also host any content that you may have for your organisation.

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Video Production
For your brand, product or company

Wide range of video production techniques and technologies to achieve and deliver visually stimulating, memorable and highly effective videos.

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Making a difference together

Espranza aims to be an impact organisation by making fruitful contributions in ensuring there is access to high quality education for all.

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Our Products

Our products are aimed at making use of best in technology to create learning environments for children of all ages.

Changing the way we learn

iScuela is the world's first, comprehensive educative platform which has extensive topics with highly rich multimedia content, available on handheld devices. iScuela focusses on delivering content in the best way it can consumed.

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Bringing books to life

VevoPlanet is the most innovative platform for young, with comprehensive interactive learning for Nursery, LKG and UKG. We use a mix of traditional and latest in pedagogy to give a learning experience like never before.

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Our Trusted Partners
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iScuela and VevoPlanet are products of Espranza Innovations.

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