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Have you ever been in a situation where you forgot your charger? Or your power bank betrayed you and decided to die halfway through the charging? Perhaps you just cannot find an outlet to charge your device in the place you are in.

We all recognize that despair when you have to watch your phone die helplessly or your tablet run out of juice. How we wish there was a way we could find a temporary charging solution wherever we are!

Go Charge


With this dilemma in mind, we bring to you GoCharge, a one-of-a-kind app that can your ray of hope in the face of a low-charge device. This app allows users to scan and locate GoCharge vending machines near them.

Here, they can grab a fully charged power bank on rent for a nominal price. Once their need is over, they can return it easily. YOu no longer have to worry about charging your phone or forgetting your charger at home.

Go charge Feature

Key Features & Integrations

  • Accessible
    Available in different locations across Mumbai. (other cities to follow soon).
  • Multiple Devices
    Compatible with all types of mobile phones; comes with a pre-installed lightning cable (iPhone), USB-C cable, and MicroUSB, and multiple devices charging capability
  • Fast Charge
    With a 5000 mAh battery and fast charging technology, rest assured your devices will be fully charged in an hour’s time.
  • Affordable
    Pre-loaded wallet payment method, hourly use rent basis, and much cheaper than buying and managing a Power Bank.
  • Easy Rent and Return
    Scan using the app, pick up the GoCharge power bank, use the product, and drop it at any of the partner locations.
  • Hassle-Free
    No more worries about carrying a bulky charger, charging your power bank, or looking for charging points.

Power bank vending locations near you

Easily find the nearest location of a power bank vending machine from the app.


  • A large number of locations
  • Pay through the app
  • Get your power bank instantly
  • Return easily once done
Go Charge
GoCharge was conceived for the modern, busy smartphone user who does all their work on their mobile phones and just cannot squeeze in the time to charge it. We wanted people to not have to stop doing their work just because their phone charge is about to run out. You can work and charge simultaneously on your phone while on the move.

Amin Kader

CEO, Go-Charge

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