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Services Provided

UI/UX, Hybrid Mobile App, Branding

Technologies Used

Ionic 4, NodeJs, Firebase, Google Services, Push Notification




CafePal saves you time, so you can have more time to enjoy the food, drinks and treats you love. You can set your taste preferences and they will stay to your liking for every following order. CafePal aims to get the things you love from your experience in-store available to you in an App!

CafePal is available for your device and you can use it to enjoy food and drinks of your choice.

CafePal Coffee App


While you use the app for ordering food items, you also get to enjoy a lot of extra benefits offered by no other app. It will save you time, of course, by letting you eat at your own place after order delivery. 

But it also lets you save what you searched and tried earlier to help you in future with searching.


Key Features & Integrations

  • Find a local Cafe
    Using integrated Google Maps, you can easily find a local coffee shop. Order what you love to eat and drink and even try out something new.
  • Favourite items
    If there are certain items that you think you would like to try in the future, then you can save them on this app.
  • Easy to Order... and Re-Order
    The application allows you to easily access it and place orders also with complete simplicity. In fact, its reorder is even easier.
  • Saving your taste preferences
    The app itself makes a list of your taste preferences based upon what you searched for or placed an order for. This helps you get the perfect options right in front of you in future.
  • Earn Rewards by simply ordering
    You can enjoy great deals and discounts along with some beneficial points for rewards too.
  • Pickup or get it delivered
    Another amazing feature at CafePal is the choice between pick up and delivery. In fact, you can even opt for both in certain cases.

Simple, easy & convenient!

Using CafePal for ordering food and beverages is a highly convenient option. It is simple to use too. You just need to assemble an order, make the required payment and then you get the order to savour. It is that easy.

The lifestyle people have these days is full of stress and many people are diagnosed with hypertension which is why the intake of tea has increased. The cost of tea is lower than the cost of coffee, it might increase based on the region of tea you have ordered or on the type of tea that you have ordered.

CafePal coffee app
I have used the services of Espranza Innovations. The work involved was commencing an App from inception to delivery, as well as delivering enhancements after the release of the minimum viable product. The work was planned out and we worked in an agile way, using user stories as the way to manage work through. Even when things go a bit more tough, Gagan was a good communicator and that helped to clear up the way forward. I am very pleased with the resulting App and its functionality, and the very few bugs that have been experienced. In addition to the development of the App, Gagan also participated in customer meetings as a part of the App team and contributed really well. He also provided feedback on what the customers were requiring. I am happy to recommend Espranza for app development.

Evan Vicary

Cafepal, DigitalRetailNow

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