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Coca-Cola, with a view to up skill their vendors wanted to develop a platform through which they would be able to educate their vendors remotely about the best practises they can adopt while handling the product, branding and customers.

Coca-Cola vendor program is a unique, retailer capability development initiative by Coca-Cola University (CCU), provides skills, tools and techniques to retailers in India for enabling them to make their business more profitable and sustainable. The training delivered under this program is imparted through classrooms as well as on a mobiles.

Retailers are trained on four key pillars:
  • Shop Management
  • Stock Management
  • Customer Management
  • Financial Management

Training is offered in 6 languages through trainers certified by Coca-Cola University.

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We developed a platform for them which was delivered in two version one being an online web platform and the other being an offline/online mobile app offering. By offering the platform and the content CocaCola was then able to push regular best practices and updates about their products to their vendors remotely.

Key Components of the offering :
  • Development of the software and app
  • Providing a Customised LMS
  • Developing e Learning interactive content
  • Animated Videos

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