"Learning is not the product of teaching.
Learning is the product of activity of learners."

Bring your books to life
with VevoPlanet

Vevoplanet | Augmented Reality

VevoPlanet is the most innovative platform which helps in comprehensive learning of your child. We use a mix of traditional and latest in pedagogy to give a learning experience like never before.

For more information please visit the VevoPlanet website.

VevoPlanet website

Changing the way
we learn.

iScuela for schools and home

iScuela is the world's first, comprehensive educative platform which has extensive topics with highly rich multimedia content, available on handheld devices. iScuela focusses on delivering content in the best way it can consumed. Engaging interactive modules, 3D videos, high quality, information rich images and crisp content makes iScuela a complete learning platform which encourages effective self learning and self evaluation.

For more information please visit the iScuela website.

iScuela website

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